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Pet Photography

Pets become a huge part of any family’s life, and I believe that you should have images to remember them and their personality. I love photographing pets, or indeed any animal, in as natural an environment as possible. I find that if you take a pet to an environment they enjoy like the woods or the beach not only do they get to have a great time, but so do their owner and me.

I Love Animals

My love for animals started at a young age; for as long as I can remember, there was never a day without at least three dogs running around the house. My Mum and I regularly attended obedience trials, and she even actively organised local dog training sessions for several groups. My husband had four cats when I met him and I have now become a lover of cats too; we now have a dog and are owned by two cats and as you will see they feature regularly in my work as they are always on hand to photograph.