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When I sit down with potential customers and talk to them about their wedding, the first thing I like to discuss with them is what they are looking to get from their weddings images and if they have a particular style in mind.

Some brides know exactly what they want or don’t want and others aren’t so sure so what do I do to figure this out?  Whilst you are looking through my wedding portfolios (which I bring along to your initial consultation). I will be looking at how you react to the images you are seeing and gauge which ones you they like from a smile, comments made to each other or to me directly.  With that said, here’s a quick guide on what to think about when picking a wedding photography style, and ultimately, your wedding photographer.


The classic wedding photography style reflect reality just like the ones in your grandparents or parents’ wedding album, classic images are those that stand the test of time -- striking, gorgeous and a bit formal. These are tend to be posed images with groups of wedding guests i.e. the bride and groom with their parents.  

There is always an element of this style in every wedding but I always tried to keep this to a minimum and you’ll get all the shots that make mom, and your grandparents happy.


This is probably the most-sought after style by my clients. However, in my experience, what they are requesting isn’t strictly documentary wedding photography but rather they are responding against the old traditional photography style their parents are used to.

True documentary wedding style photography, sometimes also called reportage wedding photography, means adopting a photojournalist’s hat. The photographer lets the day unfold and capturing perfect moments through careful anticipation.

The problem with documentary wedding style photography is that while it excels in candid shots, it can also leave you wanting for more. Often a little bit of light posing can help really take some shots to the next level and give you something you will be proud to display.


Editorial style photography takes its cues from fashion photography, with many photographers in this field having experience in organising and shooting fashion editorials. Shots are focused on generating dramatic images with high visual impact.


This is where I believe the best style lies and it’s how we work. I take the best of each wedding photography style and make it my own. Our aim is to make timeless wedding images that are never cheesy, while still capturing the essence of the day with beautiful moments that you will cherish forever.

This is achieved in a number of ways but depending on the elements of your wedding day you want me to capture, this is how I might do it;

  • Bridal preparation: I focus on documentary style shooting, and this is my time to focus on the bride and hopefully capture the moments her groom is missing out on from the last minute nerves, excitement when the cars arrive.
  • Ceremony: I’ll normally be in one place for the ceremony but this is highly dependent on the person conducting the ceremony (some do allow us to move around but this cannot be guaranteed). We will normally move around to capturing the bride coming down and after the ceremony of you walking back down the aisle.
  • Formals: This is where we do the classic style of photography (I always try to keep this to a minimum) to get the photos the parents and grandparents want. It is always a great help if you can get the best man or ushers involved with this process as they can help speed things up.
  • Bride & Groom: This is one of my favorite parts of the day. I normally take the bride & groom off to somewhere away from their guests to capture the romantic, modern & editorial photos that will blow everyone away
  • Reception: Back to documentary, this is where I can take a step back and let everyone relax and capture those beautiful little moments that are largely unnoticed by everyone else.

What to expect:

A little bit of everything to give you the greatest variety of shots and styles

The only draw back with my photography style

You will have too many photos which you love to look at again year after year…