iMagic Moment Photography | FAQ


Q. Do you apply any usage restrictions on the images we receive on disk?

No I do not! Although like most photographers we retain copyright on the images, we grant you unrestricted licence to use them in any way you want whenever you want. To that effect we supply you with signed  written confirmation to show to your printer should they require it.

Q. How do I find out more about your service?

The easiest way is to have a look at the website then you can either contact me via telephone or send me a message via our enquiry form on our 'Contact Page’ with details of your big day, I will contact you to arrange to come and see you for an enquiry visit.

Q. How do I confirm a booking?

We require a minimum 20% of the total package price as a non-refundable deposit together with a signed terms of business form. Your deposit can be cash (not through the post please), cheque or bank transfer. We do accept card payments via PayPal but regretfully we must make a 5% surcharge for every payment made to cover processing costs.

Q. Where can I find your terms of business?

Click on the following link:
Terms of Business

Q. Can I make a provisional booking?

Regrettably not: to keep things simple and avoid the potential for mistakes, weddings are either booked (deposit & signed terms of business form received by us) or they’re not.

Q. When do I pay the balance?

The remaining balance of fees due is to be paid in full no later than 6 weeks (42 days inclusive) prior to the wedding

 Q. How long will it take to receive our disk?

You should allow up to 10 working days although it is usually much quicker than that.

Q. Can I decide how the photography time should be spent?

In general yes, although it must be continuous. Typically for ¼ and ½-day shoots, the photography will begin 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. In normal circumstances this should provide enough time to cover ceremony, post-ceremony and wedding breakfast periods (½-day shoots only).

Q. Can we meet before the wedding?

Yes of course, I always advise that a pre-wedding meeting takes place, usually in your home and at a mutually convenient time. During this meeting we take specific details for the day and note any specific requests you might have.

Q. Can I request specific images to be taken?

You should be able to rely on us to provide all of the popular images (although we can’t guarantee any individual image) expected from that part of the wedding we’ve been asked to cover. You only need to make a specific request if there is something you especially want to bring to our attention – a particular family group to be photographed perhaps?

Q. How many images will we get on the disk?

The number of images varies greatly dependent on the photography time booked, but typically for a ¼ day shoot up to 300 images will be supplied on disk

Q. How many photographers will attend on the day?

Only one photographer will attend your wedding.

Q. I’m quite camera-shy – how will you work with me to overcome that?

Most people suffer from a degree of self-consciousness, and attending the meeting beforehand will help to relax you and feel at ease. and I’m very discreet and easy-going and very quickly disappears as the enjoyment and distractions from what is happening on the day  soon take over.

Q. Can family and friends view our images?

Yes, After the day all the images supplied to you on disc will be uploaded to a password protected gallery, the link to the gallery along with the password to access it will be emailed across for you to share with anyone you wish. The gallery will be accessible for a maximum of 6 months following the wedding date.

Q. Can the images be purchased through the gallery?

Yes, anyone who has access to the gallery can purchase any image as a print in a variety of sizes. This is a very simple process, prints are paid for at the time of ordering and delivered directly to the customer.

Q. Do you supply black & white images on the disk?

Yes a small selection will be supplied as black and white images but you will always receive the full colour image as well.

Q. Can we order other products such as prints from you?

Yes you can. Print sales are available on line via your web gallery or you can ask us about bespoke options including canvasses, acrylics and framed prints.


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